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Zion Astro Football Academy

Zion Astro began in 2018 as a not-for-profit football academy whose mission is committed to creating opportunities that lead to Victorious lives.
Zion started with just a few boys at the academy in Nimba, Liberia. Since then, Zion has grown to over 50 players and student-athletes and owned over 50 acres of land in Liberia. The vision is to build a fully residential international school and continue to grow its offering of scholarships to talented children drawn from all over Africa. 
Zion Astro players and student-athletes receive the best possible development, and experiences that prepare them to reach their maximum potential via the academy model through education, football, and most important development to the fullest.

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THE Zion Astro WHY

We develop young men and women who can represent themselves, and the organization with character and quality, also looking beyond that and seeing how they can leverage their lives and privileged positions to improve the lives of others.
Football is one of the platforms uniquely designed to achieve that. As it is proven around the world that football is one of the few forces that can unite people regardless of their colors, race, backgrounds, and cultures. 
We want to create equal opportunities for our graduates to play professional football (soccer) at the national and international level or create a future where they can be valuable individuals in other areas of life.



"The drums of Africa still beat in my heart. They will not let me rest while there is a single Negro boy or girl without a chance to prove his worth."

Mary McLeod Bethune

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