Zion Astro is committed to providing opportunities that lead to victorious lives. We empower young people to achieve greater success on the soccer field and in their life. We do this to create young men and women who can represent our organization with class and quality, but also to look beyond that and see how they can leverage their lives and privileged positions to improve the lives of others.

  • About 80 percent of our student Athletes have perfect attendance in school
  • About 89 percent of our student Athletes hold and maintain a 2.75 GPA
  • Our student Athletes complete a total of 40 community services in two years.


Zion Astro creates an interchangeable experience between American youths and African youths. We create an environment where youths in the US and Africa can easily community and interchange lifestyles. We use the zoom online platform to close the gap of cultural ignorance and create international relationships and cultural awareness among youths. We meet once a week on this platform to promote the learning of lifestyles, family structures, food, clothes, technologies, climates, schools, animals, and sports in other countries. Our US, Africa connect program creates opportunities for kids in the US to travel to Africa and have a first-hand experience of the African culture, technologies, food, and vice versa.


Education is a top priority at Zion Astro. Our student-athletes receive the best possible development, and experiences that prepare them to reach their maximum potential via the academy model through education, football, and most importantly discipline.

  • Teach your child how to handle success, as well as failure by learning how to maintain a positive mindset and behavior after winning and/or losing.
  • Provide your child with opportunities to learn and apply leadership and time management skills.
  • Showing your child how to treat everyone equally and with respect.
  • Teach your child how to communicate effectively with their peers as well as the adults within their life.
  • Connect with your child’s school coach to assure your child is playing and succeeding on their school teams.
  • Encouraging and stressing the importance of working hard in school and keeping their grades up.
  • Demonstrate to your child that applying every principle of sports discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and relationship building truly leads to success in life.

Community Project

Volunteering our time to support a cause we are passionate about is something we will never regret. It enriches our life, familiarize us with our community, and connect us to people and ideas that positively impact our perspective for the rest of our lives. Helping our community is an opportunity for us to grow as a person, to better understand how we fit into the world around us. Without volunteers, many of the services and events we enjoy in our communities would not be so readily available. Spending time helping out at local institutions or businesses brings development to our communities. Giving back to the place you call home helps to unite the community and bridge some of the social, economic, and political gaps. Our Student-Athletes complete 20 community services each year from January 1 to December 31. Our work includes Churches, Schools, Orphanage homes, Hospitals, Government institutions, local businesses, etc.  

Football (Soccer)

We believe in humankind. We see examples of the extraordinary capabilities, character, and courage of human beings, both superstars and unsung heroes, and football helps us to see those examples. At its best, the game makes us proud of each other and creates joy, solidarity, wellbeing, and connection. It reminds us of what will always be common between us: our human spirit. When we share inspirational and aspirational stories of teamwork and the human spirit, of the exceptional journeys to leadership, success, and giving-back that the Zion Astro family can go on through football, we are also sharing stories of who we all are at our best.



Columbus Ohio, USA

Liberia, West Africa

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