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 The “Why” behind every goal you set in life truly drives your efforts to succeed in obtaining it! What led me to establish the Zion Astro Soccer Club is no exception to this rule.

⚽ HERE’S MY “WHY!” ⚽

 My love of soccer and my dream of playing professional soccer started as a kid growing up in Africa (Liberia). It was there that my talents and interest in soccer began to develop and grow strong.

 I   came to the United States to live with my Father in 2009 and started playing for a local soccer team in New Jersey. Because of my history, abilities, and talents in the sport, I was easily recognized and accepted among by my teammates. I  later moved to Philadelphia, PA to live with my aunty.

 A   year later, I decided to sign up and tryout for the New Jersey Ranger Soccer Club. There was only one problem. I didn’t have the money nor support to pay the tryout fee. Therefore, that opportunity went to the wayside.

 As another year passed playing on the local team, I got an invitation to travel to Turkey and Chana to tryout for a Semi-professional team. But, the same challenge showed its “ugly face”. Given my part-time job making $10/hr. and nothing saved up, I couldn’t afford the plane ticket nor the additional travel expenses I would incur.

 My Mother, who always supported my dream with love and encouraging words had no resources for financial support. My Dad, on the other hand, didn’t believe in my dream and provided me with no support at all in any way.  With the time-sensitive invitation deadline nearing, I asked other people for support but not a single person would help me with the money to travel. The time-sensitive invitation expired and I lost the opportunity to play in Turkey. 

 After that disappointing experience, I enrolled in a local New Jersey college and tried out for their soccer team. I was accepted and played there for a year. But, after a year, I couldn’t continue because I got kicked out of my Father’s house and had to move to Philadelphia, PA to live with my aunty.

 Once in Philadelphia, I applied to attend another college and tryout for their soccer team. I was accepted and played for the College on a scholarship. It was a great and passionate moment for me and my Mother. She was so proud of me. She always believed in me and my dream.

 I transferred to the college, continued my education, and had a successful first year with the soccer team advancing to play in the regional finals. However, yet another misfortune occurred during the early start of my second year. I got injured and the injury devastatingly ended my playing career.

 But, as the saying goes, “You can’t keep a good man down” and after my recovery, I decided to become a soccer coach. I contacted my college coach for his guidance. I did exactly what he told me and I became a licensed coach in the US.

 My former Coach recruited me as an assistance Coach at the college. I worked in this position for two years learning everything I could possibly learn from all of the coaches and staff. Even though this was an unpaid position, it proved to be a grateful experience in my life and a blessing from God. I got to work with one of the best college soccer coaches in the US. Looking back, it was then that the visionary seed was planted as I told my coach, “I will one day be a blessing to kids who love soccer as much as I do!”

 I   had a vision of opening doors for many unknown talents and kids who can’t afford the cost of participating in the sport or making their dreams come true. As difficult as it was working full time and coaching full time, I loved what I did because I had a vision and goal to fulfill in my life.

 As life would have it and after two years of coaching I was offered a job at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio to work in their IT department. After that, I accepted a position with the State of Ohio and moved to Columbus. 

 When I moved to Columbus, I knew I had a vision and passion to serve and I didn’t want to put my vision on hold or “to bed” anymore!

I   seized the moment and started working on establishing a non-profit, that is now the

⚽ Zion Astro Soccer Club ⚽

 ” Where   every effort is made to support and help kids make their love of, passion for, and dreams of success in the sport of soccer and within their lives a reality!”

⚽ The Astro Creed ⚽

We are Undefeated

Hard work + Team work = Victory



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